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Re-Think your Drink

Discover the story behind Re:Drink, a smart beverage dispenser designed to meet your individual drink preferences while promoting sustainability and health.

Discover the story behind Re:Drink, a smart beverage dispenser designed to meet your individual drink preferences while promoting sustainability and health.

How it all started

Every day at university, I bought an overpriced, super-sweet soda from the beverage vending machine - the same flavor, every day, and the same result, I threw the bottle away. “Living a more sustainable and healthy life” had been my New Year’s resolution for a while. So, I had a conversation with my friend Adrian about ways to quench my thirst with something tasty without harming the environment by consuming a bottle a day. That’s when Adrian had a revelation: most drinks are over 90% water. Offices, schools, and more already have access to fresh, drinkable water, so why not create a solution to turn tap water into a delicious drink?

And that’s how it all began.

Striking a chord with sustainability and health

Re:Drink was founded by Eberhard Harnoncourt and Adrian Beissel to connect and solve two needs that most of us consider central today. One’s individual need to consume sufficient and tasty beverages without burdening our bodies with vast amounts of sugar- and at the same time to fulfill all our needs to live in an environmentally friendly way and save our planet.

Flavored Water, Prebiotic Water, Energy Water… the list goes on and on- new trendy drinks are popping up in stores practically all the time, all with one thing in common. They are supposed to be healthier, tastier- all in all just better for you and your health. “Stay hydrated”- a popular saying that regularly appears in Instagram stories and therefore shows. Most people do not find it easy to meet their body’s need for hydration. Most people are bored of the bland taste of natural water and prefer flavored drinks. However, since the usual sodas are often very sugary, high in calories and therefore not (seen as) healthy, the market is exploding with new ideas of beverages that fulfill consumers’ desires to drink enough while enjoying a good taste and without worrying about the drink’s potentially bad impact on their health.

However, all these beverages (including the sugary sodas that companies often provide to their employees) have one thing in common: Most of them arrive in bottles, made from plastic or glass: Bottles that are produced in often faraway locations and transported many miles from one place to another; bottles that are then, after consuming, thrown away or in the best case recycled. This is a fact that endangers our environment in multiple ways: The transport of the bottles causes a lot of polluting emissions, plastic is full of pollutants and - as we all know - decomposes very slowly and the recycling of bottles is energy-intensive – generating more CO2 emissions.

Your drink, your choice

This is where Re:Drink comes in: Re:Drink is a smart beverage dispenser that produces your individually flavored drink with natural ingredients, using just a tiny amount of concentrated natural flavors and water from the tap. You decide how much flavor, sugar, fizz, etc. you want to have; you can create a drink according to your personal preferences and then enjoy it.

The dispenser comes with a cabinet but can be easily integrated into any kitchen- perfect for office spaces. Up to six flavor boxes, our high-quality water filter and all the technical components fit into its small base. The machine is connected to the cloud, making it easier to operate and maintain - giving you the best experience and keeping the machine up and running at all times.

You can choose from a variety of flavors, ranging from organic rhubarb to fruity green tea, you can enjoy sparkling or non-sparkling drinks. You can create a drink that fulfills your idea of a perfectly refreshing and healthy beverage.

No bottle, no cry

ReDrink auf dem Munich Startup Festival 2023 Without using any plastic, with drastically reduced transport needs- only the flavor boxes have to be transported- that makes 90% less transport requirements. While some companies get in a hassle over which packaging is the least harmful to the environment, our policy is: The best packaging is NO packaging!

And finally, Re:Drink also solves your company’s logistical problems in hauling and storaging all the plastic or glass bottles- cutting much costs and heavy lifting - sparing the office manager badly needed physiotherapy.

Environment-friendly, healthier, makes hydration more fun- these are only some of the many advantages that Re:Drink has to offer. Living an environmentally friendly, more sustainable lifestyle does not have to mean sacrificing enjoyment and taste! So, do not waste any time, do not waste any energy and get in touch with us to “Re-Think your Drink”.

Embrace sustainability with our eco-friendly beverage service! Say goodbye to cases of bottles in the office, and welcome a happier, greener solution that delights both users and managers. Join us on the journey towards a sustainable workplace!

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