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Beverages from our smart Re:Drink dispenser for your office or commercial space
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A better hydration experience

Hydrate Smarter - Work Happier

Delicious Beverages

Indulge in filtered, chilled, and carbonated water with a variety of natural flavours. Elevate your refreshment experience.

Crafted to Your Taste

Tailor your perfect beverage with a wide range of flavour intensities. From mild to intense, choose your flavour and savour every sip.

Unbottle your office

No Bottle, No Cry

Save the environment, your colleagues' backs and a hell lot of office space by eliminating the need for bottles altogether.

Green and Clean

No more transporting bottles around the globe. Join us in reducing CO2 emissions related to beverage production & transportation by up to a staggering 90%.

Efficient & Hassle-free

Smart Maintenance & Refills

Experience reliable servicing and maintenance with our cutting-edge digital solution. Your beverage station is always up and running, serving refreshing drinks without any hassle.

At an Affordable Price

Enjoy top-notch quality without breaking the bank. Re:Drink offers high-quality beverages at a fraction of the cost of bottled drinks.

And also save time and space

It only takes 20 mins per week to take care of your Re:Drink dispenser, saving you multiple hours. Also you save office space by storing 800 drinks in only 1m².

Current selection

Meet our flavours

Savor the natural taste of our offerings. Some organic, all delicious.

Pure Water

Pure Water

The foundation of every beverage, available in still or carbonated options.

Rhubarb Bliss

A taste of summer in every sip. A timeless classic.

Elderflower Delight

Feel like Heidi yodelling from the mountaintop - but in the office.

Organic Apple

A drink that transports you to a spring meadow under an apple tree. Pure refreshment.

Green Tea Prickly Pear

A duet of green tea boost and an invigorating touch of prickly cactus.


Embark on a journey of crisp, citrusy delight. A harmonious blend of sharp and sweet, embodying the vibrant spirit of freshly picked lemons.


The smart way to hydrate

Step 1: Choose Your Flavor or Pure Water

A variety of six delicious flavours that we change to suit your taste. Or enjoy the purity of filtered water.

Step 2: Select Still or Sparkling

Whether you prefer the calm of still water or the fizz of sparkling, the choice is yours.

Step 3: Adjust Your Preferred Flavour Intensity

Tailor your beverage to your own unique taste by selecting the strength of flavour that suits you best.

Step 4: Enjoy!

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