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Savor the natural taste of our offerings. Some organic, all delicious.

Pure Water

Pure Water

The foundation of every beverage, available in still or carbonated options.

Rhubarb Bliss

A taste of summer in every sip. A timeless classic.

Elderflower Delight

Feel like Heidi yodelling from the mountaintop - but in the office.

Organic Apple

A drink that transports you to a spring meadow under an apple tree. Pure refreshment.

Green Tea Prickly Pear

A duet of green tea boost and an invigorating touch of prickly cactus.


Embark on a journey of crisp, citrusy delight. A harmonious blend of sharp and sweet, embodying the vibrant spirit of freshly picked lemons.


Ride the wave of juicy sweetness with this summer classic. A splash of cool watermelon flavor that captures the essence of sunny days and refreshing moments.


Strawberry, cherries and an angel's kiss in spring…. While this is no summer wine and has no cherry - it contains the rest.

Apple-Sour Cherry

A lively tango of cherry and apple as they sway between sweet and sour.

Cherry Kiss

Feel the sun's embrace with every sip. Cherry perfection.


Experience the warmth of Spain in a whisper of citrus goodness.

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More Flavours

Based on the feedback from our community, we are working on more flavours to make your journey more delightful.