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Comparing Professional Water Dispensers: Brita, Waterlogic, Re:Drink

Explore Brita, Waterlogic, and Re:Drink's water dispensers. Discover their performance, reliability, and sustainability for your office needs.

Explore Brita, Waterlogic, and Re:Drink's water dispensers. Discover their performance, reliability, and sustainability for your office needs.

Brita, a household name in water purification, provides a variety of office water dispensers.

Brita Professional Water Dispenser

Performance: Brita water dispensers deliver clean and filtered water by effectively eliminating undesired elements such as chlorine and limescale, ensuring a refreshing and pure taste.

Reliability: Brita products are synonymous with reliability, and their water dispensers are designed for longevity. Additionally, their user-friendly design ensures smooth operation and easy maintenance.

Convenience: Available in different sizes and configurations, Brita dispensers offer the flexibility to choose the model that best fits your office setup.

Re:Drink Water Dispensers+

Re:Drink is a relatively new but reputable player in the market, providing sustainable office water solutions.

Performance: Re:Drink dispensers offer an innovative approach to hydration, supplying chilled, ambient, or sparkling water. What sets Re:Drink apart is its unique ability to add flavour to your water, ranging from a subtle hint with ‘water plus’ to full natural lemonade, eliminating the need for bottled office beverages. Moreover, Re:Drink places significant emphasis on sustainability, using energy-efficient technologies and refillable bottles.

Reliability: Re:Drink has garnered positive feedback for its reliable dispensers, despite being a newcomer to the industry. What’s more, Re:Drink’s IoT connectivity makes maintenance even easier. With CO2, flavours, and general upkeep remotely monitored, services are dispatched before any potential issue occurs, ensuring uninterrupted operation.

Convenience: Re:Drink’s water dispensers blend a modern aesthetic with a user-friendly interface. The brand’s strong focus on sustainability and innovative features cater to environmentally conscious businesses and those looking for a unique hydration solution.

Waterlogic Water Dispensers

Waterlogic focuses on supplying high-quality, purified water through their innovative technology.

Performance: Featuring a multi-stage filtration process combined with UV purification and BioCote surface protection, Waterlogic dispensers deliver highly purified and healthy water.

Reliability: Waterlogic dispensers are known for their robust build and long lifespan. The company also offers efficient after-sales service, ensuring prompt maintenance and servicing.

Convenience: With options for both bottleless and traditional water coolers, Waterlogic provides a variety of choices to cater to diverse office environments.


Whether you lean towards Brita’s long-standing reputation and product variety, Waterlogic’s focus on water purity and innovative technologies, or Re:Drink’s modern, sustainable solutions with flavour-infused options and IoT-connected maintenance, the choice will ultimately hinge on your office’s unique needs.

Investing in a professional water dispenser significantly enhances your office environment, contributes to employee health, and can even boost productivity. It’s crucial to make an informed decision based on the needs and preferences of those who’ll be using it every day—your staff.

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